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Vedanta Society of St. Louis

Mind According to Vedanta

by Swami Satprakashananda edited by Ray Ellis

Paperback. 181 pages. ISBN 978-81-7120-650-6

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An individual's happiness or misery depends not so much on his material possessions or mastery over external nature as on the way his mind responds to life's challanges.Our physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development depends on a proper understanding and cultivation of the mind. This book gives a practical explanation of the time tested Vedantic methods for the attainment of self-mastery.

Publisher's Note
  1. The Mind According to Vedanta
  2. How to Purify the Mind
  3. The Mind and its Ways
  4. The Mind and the Senses
  5. The Mind and its Control
  6. Waking, Dreaming and Dreamless Sleep
  7. Psychiatry and Vedanta
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