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Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play



Ramakrishna as We Saw Him – 2nd Edition Mahendra Nath Gupta (M.) Sri Ramakrishna and His Divine Play by Swami Saradananda Ramakrishna As We Saw Him God Lived with Them They Lived With God How to Live with God Sri Ramakrishna: A Biography in Pictures Sri Sarada Devi: A Biography in Pictures Vivekananda: East Meets West Meditation and Its Methods: by Swami Vivekananda A Guide to Spiritual Life Spiritual Treasures: Letters of Swami Turiyananda How a Shepherd Boy Became a Saint Avadhuta Gita: The Song of the Ever-Free Girish Chandra Ghosh Methods of Knowledge: According to Advaita Vedanta The Goal and the Way The Universe, God, and God-Realization Sri Ramakrishna's Life and Message in the Present Age Swami Vivekananda's Contribution to the Present Age Meditation: Its Process, Practice and Culmination Hinduism and Christianity Vedanta For All Mind According to Vedanta


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 Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play (Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Sep 10, 2016)

Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play Sw Chetanananda

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 Bhagavatam (Bhubaneswar, August 24, 2016)

Bhagavatam Sw Chetanananda

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 International Seminar (Belur Math January 28, 2014)

Presidential Address Sw Chetanananda

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Ramakrishna as We Saw Him - First Edition, edited and translated by Swami Chetanananda

Hardback. 495 pages. ISBN 0916356647 


$10.00 (Original Price $22.95)  Add to Cart     View Cart

(while supply lasts)

Reminiscences of forty persons who knew him show vividly how Sri Ramakrishna lived daily the spiritual message he taught, and how he excelled in opening a path for God into the human heart. Divided into three parts: relatives and monastic disciples; householder disciples and devotees; Brahmo devotees and admirers, this work contains much material previously unavailable in English.

The soul of Ramakrishna comes through splendidly in these deeply felt pages.
- The Book Reader

"For the first time I found a man who dared to say that he had seen God, that religion was a reality to be felt, to be sensed in an infinitely more intense way than we can sense the world." So said Swami Vivekananda of Sri Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna as We Saw Him is a collection of writings by 40 persons who actually knew him in one capacity or another: his wife Sri Sarada Devi, monastic disciples, friends, even acquaintances who had met him only a few times. No matter in what category the writer falls, each makes it very clear that Ramakrishna could, by his very presence, affect fundamental change in a person’s spiritual life.
- Booklist

What this book serves is to show, as close as we can after the fact, what it was like to actually be around this unique man, to talk to him, to serve him food, to play with him, to sing and dance with him, to worship him, to cry with him, to celebrate God with him. Indeed, the feeling of spiritual joy is so strong here that, though he died from cancer of the throat, the life of Sri Ramakrishna seems to be the ultimate happy movie, a true story of perfect love and bliss many times more beautiful than the wildest Hollywood fantasy.
- Meditation Magazine

Biographical Introduction by Swami Chetanananda
  1. Relatives and Monastic Disciples
    1. Sri Sarada Devi
    2. Lakshmi Devi
    3. Ramlal Chattopadhyay
    4. Swami Vivekananda
    5. Swami Brahmananda
    6. Swami Adbhutananda
    7. Swami Premananda
    8. Swami Shivananda
    9. Swami Ramakrishnananda
    10. Swami Saradananda
    11. Swami Turiyananda
    12. Swami Abhedananda
    13. Swami Akhandananda
    14. Swami Vijnanananda
    15. Swami Trigunatitananda
  2. Householder Disciples and Devotees
    1. Ram Chandra Datta
    2. Manomohan Mittra
    3. M. (Mahendra Nath Gupta)
    4. Girish Chandra Ghosh
    5. Vaikuntha Nath Sanyal
    6. Yogin-ma (Yogindra Mohini Biswas)
    7. A Woman Devotee
    8. Nistarini Ghosh
    9. Kedar Nath Bandyopadhyay
    10. Manmatha Nath Ghosh
    11. Bepin Behari Sen
    12. Manindra Krishna Gupta
  3. Brahmo Devotees and Admirers
    1. Pratap Chandra Majumdar
    2. Shivanath Shastri
    3. Girish Chandra Sen
    4. Krishna Kumar Mittra
    5. Upadhyay Brahmabandhav
    6. Sarada Sundari Devi
    7. Trailokya Nath Sanyal
    8. Priyanath Mallik
    9. Kshirod Chandra Sen
    10. Kamakhya Nath Bandyopadhyay
    11. Nagendra Nath Gupta
    12. Dr. Abdul Wajij
    13. Aswini Kumar Datta
  4. Appendix
    1. Sri Ramakrishna: Some New Findings
      Swami Saradananda
    2. The Photographs of Sri Ramakrishna
      Swami Vidyatmananda
    3. The Temple Garden of Dakshineswar
      M. (Mahendra Nath Gupta)

13. Swami Akhandananda

Whenever I went to the Master I noticed that he talked about nothing but God and religion. He was never dry or boring. During talks on the most exalted topics he created much laughter by making jokes. One day he said: "You know there are various kinds of siddhas [perfected souls]. Do you know what siddha means? Literally, it means ‘boiled.’ As potatoes and squash become soft when boiled, so men are when perfected or illumined."

Once I spent the night at Dakshineswar with several other disciples, and the Master had us all sit for meditation. While communing with our Chosen Deities, we often laughed and wept in ecstasy. The pure joy we experienced in those boyhood days cannot be expressed in words. Whenever I approached the Master he would invariably ask me, "Did you shed tears at the time of prayer or meditation?" And one day when I answered yes to this, how happy he was! "Tears of repentance or sorrow flow from the corners of the eyes nearest the nose," he said, "and those of joy from the outer corners of the eyes." Suddenly the Master asked me, "Do you know how to pray?" Saying this he flung his hands and feet about restlessly - like a little child impatient for its mother. Then he cried out: "Mother dear, grant me knowledge and devotion. I don’t want anything else. I can’t live without you." While thus teaching us how to pray, he looked just like a small boy. Profuse tears rolled down his chest, and he passed into deep samadhi. I was convinced that the Master did that for my sake.


14. Swami Vijnanananda

Another day I went in the afternoon to visit the Master at Dakshineswar. Many devotees were seated in his room. After saluting the Master I sat quietly in a corner. The Master was conversing with the devotees seated on his small cot. In physical appearance he was like any other man, but his smile was something divine. I have never seen such a smile in my life. When he smiled, a wave of bliss rolled not only over his face but over his whole body. And that blissful smile would wipe out the worries and troubles of those who looked at him. His voice was so sweet and melodious that one never tired of hearing it. His eyes were keen and bright, and when he would look at a person, it seemed that he was seeing everything inside him.

I felt Sri Ramakrishna’s room vibrating with a tangible atmosphere of peace, and the devotees present seemed to be listening in blissful absorption to the words that poured from the Master’s lips. I don’t recall what he said, but I experienced tremendous joy within. For a long time I sat there, my whole attention concentrated on Sri Ramakrishna. He did not say anything to me, nor did I ask him anything. Then one by one the devotees took their leave, and suddenly I found myself alone with him. The Master was looking at me intently. I thought it was time for me to depart, so I prostrated before him. As I stood up to go, he asked: "Can you wrestle? Come, let me see how well you wrestle!" With these words he stood up, ready to grapple with me. I was surprised at this challenge. I thought to myself, "What kind of holy man is this?" But I replied, "Yes, of course I can wrestle."