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Swami Chetanananda's Sunday Lectures - from the archives

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Swami Chetanananda's Bengali Lectures in Advaita Ashrama and Udbodhan, Kolkata 

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Swami Chetanananda’s lectures and classes are now available in CD and DVD.

All Sunday Lectures delivered from March 1978 till Present are (currently not) available in CD format.

Sunday Lectures 275-991 originally recorded in VHS are (currently not) available in DVD and Sunday Lectures 992-Present are (currently not) available in DVD.




Sunday Lectures - Audio

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1053 - The Magnitude of Ramakrishna's Life - January 3, 2010


1054 - I Love Human Beings - Vivekananda Birth Anniversary - January 10, 2010

1057 - They Walked with God (Mirabai) - March 21, 2010


1069 - Some Glimpses of Vivekananda - June 27, 2010


How to Enter the City of Brahman - November 21, 2010




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